Materials & kits

The yarns are all natural. Both the base and the dye. You can read my view on yarn and natural dyes here.

Below you will find the description of the different types of yarn. Some are permanent and others are available as limited editions. The colors can all be regarded as limited editions, because it is almost impossible to dye multiple strands exactly the same with natural dyes. So gone means really gone. If there are multiple skeins of more or less the same color, this is stated with the article.

In the shop you'll find single skeins but also kits to go with my patterns. You will find an ever-changing offer here.

Yarn bases:

Under Pressure: Super soft, washable, 100% non superwash Merino. 300m/100gr. (in range)

Heavenly Bliss: Luxurious, high-shine 100% silk singles. 700m/100gr. (in range)

Dream Team: 50% soft Merino & 50% crispy shiny silk. 450m/100gr (limited edition)

Ali Baba: Ultimate pampering! 87% cashmere & 13% silk. 180m/50gr. (limited edition)

Vive la Difference: Mohair but different. 70% kidmohair bouclette (loops) & 30% silk. 500m/50gr. (limited edition)

Twist & turns on the silk road: Special! Bouclette of 40% Merino and 60% silk. 170m/100gr. (limited edition)

Ugly Duckling: Non superwash Highland wool. Not soft, very good for color work. 300m/100gr (in range)

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