Reward points

With every order you save loyalty points. The amount of loyalty points is stated with each product. In principle, every euro spent yields 5 loyalty points. Sometimes there are promotions where, for example, double savings points can be earned.

When paying with loyalty points, 100 points are worth 1 euro. The price in loyalty points is also stated with the product.

The saved points can be used to pay in full or in part in the webshop.

Not enough loyalty points to pay for a product? No problem. The loyalty points are deducted from the price as a discount and the amount that remains can simply be settled.

The shipping costs are excluded from the savings system. No points are saved on the shipping costs and the shipping costs cannot be paid with it.

Loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash.

The loyalty points remain valid indefinitely.

Loyalty points are also saved on custom orders. These are added manually afterwards.

Creating an account in my webshop entitles you to 100 loyalty points.

Loyalty points are awarded manually when completing the order. So it may take a while before they are visible in your account.